About me(rewritten kinda since it was severly outdated)

me drawn by my friend angie

hi my name is akidinatophat, my friends call me carrie and carriethekid, and i code and used to make music. basically, im still your average computer nerd and stuff.

ever since i made this website in 2015(hosted on a different platform), it was originally meant for a school project, but i worked too hard on this, and people convinced me to keep it running, so..(not changing this)

okay, let's talk dogs. archie still exists, BUT he has a sister now. her name is abbie. here's both of em together. if you're wondering, yes, they fight a lot, abbie mainly since she's the baby. and yes, archie is very gentle with her, unlike her with archie, so don't call the cops on me for animal abuse.

and that's pretty much all there is to say..

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